IPDC Medication Discount Card


Not all medication discount cards are created equal. Before you or your organization select a discount card, please take a minute to consider the following:

- Patient Savings: What is the average savings for brand and generic medications? Is support available to answer questions regarding medication costs?

- Marketing: Is the discount card underwritten by advertisers to aggressively market other services?

- Pharmacy Access: Is the discount card accepted at local independent pharmacies as well as national retail chains?

- Costs: Is there an annual or monthly fee to utilize the discount card? How much is my local pharmacy charged to utilize the discount card?

IPDC Prescription Discount Card

Iowans can receive significant discounts on brand and generic medications.

Eligibility: Any resident of the state of Iowa is eligible. The IPDC Prescription Discount Card is beneficial for individuals without health insurance or for individuals who have health insurance but do not have prescription coverage. The card may also be used by individuals who have prescription coverage but cannot receive coverage for specific medications.

How to Participate: The IPDC Prescription Discount Card is available at no cost, and there are no fees to particpate. To obtain a discount card for you or your patients, please contact our office at 1-866-282-5817 or info@iowapdc.org.

Benefits: The IPDC Prescription Discount Card has been used by cardholders to fill over 14,000 prescriptions.
The average savings is $45.20 per prescription.

Significant Savings:
Card holders have saved over $650,000 since the IPDC Discount Card was initiated. Brand name prescriptions are generally discounted 10-15% and generic prescriptions are discounted approximately 70-80%.

Affordability: As a non-profit safety net provider, IPDC provides the Discount Card to patients and organizations at no cost.

Marketing: Under no circumstances will the IPDC Prescription Discount Card be used to promote retail products or services.

Community Pharmacy Friendly: Many discount cards charge pharmacies high processing fees to generate revenue. The IPDC Prescription Discount Card features one of the lowest processing fees in the industry, making it desireable for use in small community pharmacies.

Pharmacy Network: The IPDC Prescription Discount Card is accepted at over 500 retail pharmacies in Iowa. If you are outside of Iowa and need a prescription filled, the program offers a nationwide network of over 47,000 pharmacies.

Locally Supported: The IPDC Prescription Discount Card is supported by 
MedOne Healthcare Systems in Dubuque. If you have questions regarding the cost of medication using the card or locating a participating pharmacy in your community, please call MedOne Healthcare Systems tool free at 1-888-838-1016.

Phone: (515) 327-5405
Toll Free: 1-866-282-5817
Email: Info@iowapdc.org